Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Congress Of Cow (Pre-Lanemeyer) Demo

Before Chris Barker was in "Day At The Fair", and even before he was in"Lanemeyer", there lived a great band known as "Congress Of Cow". These guys spit out some catchy ass tunes like it was childs play. If you want proof, just listen to "Walking Away" or "Kristy White Song". Essentially, Congress Of Cow became Lanemeyer.... but for me... COC will always be #1.

The picture above was taken outside of a show that Shower With Goats and Congress Of Cow played together in Harrisburg, PA in 1997.... a show that neither band will ever forget (inside joke). Click on the picture for a larger size image.

- Bottom (Left to right) : Chris (COC), Mike (SWG), Me (SWG).
Top (Left to right) : Ann (Friend), Mary (Friend), Dave (SWG), My friend Scott (Sevn), Jeff (COC), & Mike (COC).

To the best of my knowledge, they only released this one demo tape under the COC name. The zip file includes high-res scans of the inside and outside cover, including lyrics. Enjoy !

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shower With Goats - Demo

I'm sure most of you have been anticipating that eventually I'd post something of my own band on here, so here goes. In May-June 1995 when I was 17 years old, Shower With Goats entered the studio for the first time under our new name (we previously went as M.N.F.S.T., a 1/2 punk 1/2 metal band... but that's a whole other blog post to "possibly" come in the future in itself).

What we recorded would be first released as an 8 song demo of 5 originals, and 3 covers. About 200 or so tapes were made and sold. After they sold out, we decided to remove the Op Ivy and Samiam covers from the tape, and re-release it as a 6 song demo (so people wouldn't think we were a cover band or something). 200 or so of those were made/sold as well.

So that's the story between the 8 song and 6 song demo. Both the same recording, only we dropped two songs for the 6 song demo.

Included in the zip file are all 8 demo tracks, cover scans of both tapes, and 2 unreleased tracks of filler shit we did in the studio (a horrible rendition of Spy Hunter, and us screaming and making animal noises). Enjoy !