Wednesday, October 29, 2008

World In Shreds 4 - New Jersey

Back in the late 80s to mid 90s Shredder Records (Jawbreaker, Jolt, Parasites) released some incredible stuff. One series that was popular amongst the punk kiddies was their World In Shreds compilation 7"s (and later World in Shreds CDs). Nowadays these are pretty scarce to come by. Most people that have them in their collection don't wish to part with them, and for good reason.

Here is the World In Shreds Volume 4 - New Jersey 7" compilation, circa 1990. This is my favorite of the batch of course, and brings back many good memories. Be sure and check out the first track, a very very early version of "The Lot" by Sticks & Stones, that is far better than the re-recorded version on their CD, and the P.E.D. track "I Am The Sam" for some classic NJ Hardcore with a Beastie Boys / Anthrax twist.

1) Sticks and Stones - The Lot
2) Separate Peace - Need
3) Parasites - Never Giving Up On You
4) The Undead - The Way We Behave
5) P.E.D. - I Am The Sam
6) A Priori - Too Much To Hope For

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Fiber !

First off, if you missed the last Fiber post, with their only official release, go here.

Due to the popularity of the last "Fiber" post I'm posting more from my archives.

Included in the megaupload zip file at the bottom of this post is:

1) Fiber - El Guapo Demo
This is a demo tape they recorded on a 4 track in Vocalist Paulas old basement in New Jersey. It was never released, and featured a mysterious drummer from a well known hardcore band that shall remain unnamed, or rather known as "El Guapo".

2) Fiber - Acoustic Demo
This is also unreleased, and was the first Fiber recording ever made. You can even hear yours truly do horrible backup vocals on the song "Everything About You".

3) Fiber - University - Live on WFMU 12/18/97
A track I hand picked from their WFMU session on the Pat Duncan show, because a. the song rocked and b. it was never recorded anywhere else. Unfortunately the vocals are really really low and hard to hear, but it's one of my favorite Fiber songs.

And no... I won't post the entire WFMU Fiber session. Gotta keep some things in the vault after all! Enjoy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Simple Mischief - Central NJ Punk

Simple Mischief was around during the late 90's in central New Jersey (Bordentown to be specific). They were all high school kids, but still played some pretty damn catchy tunes. A bit of pop/punk, a hint of heavier punk, a tinge of hardcore, and even a touch of ska here and there for no other reason than "just because". Around 2000, the band disbursed. A few of the members went on to form another band called "The Arena Drive" who were together for a few years and will be posted in this blog sometime in the near future.

Contained in the 92mb zip file for this gone, but not forgotten band, I've included their demo tape "Dance Your Cares Away", their first CD/EP (Which I myself produced for them) called "100% D.I.Y. Punk Rock Demo CD", and their first and only full length "Jumping Life's fences". Also, included is 2 extra tracks from the "D.I.Y. Demo CD" sessions I produced, that were never released. Grab these classic tunes and remember the days of Peanut Butter and Jelly & Wigwams.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Full - Update !

After my last post regarding the defunct Chicago area band "Full", a friend of mine informed me that the band in fact released a full length CD in 1998 titled "Hotdogwater Cocktail" on the Acme Entertainment label. The CD is long out of print, but I picked up a copy from Amazon for a mere buck.

This doesn't hold my attention as well as the 4 song demo tape, but is still good as a whole. Two things that dissapoint me about this CD are:

1) Only one of the songs from the demo made it to the CD. "Inconvenienced".

2) Some of the production is a bit cheesy. (Listen to the vocals at the beginning of "Control".)

Some noteworthy songs to check out from this release are "Dig #1", "Pepsled", and "Fads".

And if you missed the last "Full" post with the Demo tape....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Halflings

My buddy over at "Wilfully Obscure" has posted three long out of print 7" records from the old PA punk band "The Halflings". Go get em!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Burgerama - Punk Oldies Covers Compilation

Back in 1997 I had the idea of putting out a compilation of punk bands doing 50's and 60's covers. It was suppose to be released in 1998, then got delayed to 1999, and then.... never got released at all. The reasoning? Partly funding issues, but the main reason was that by the time I actually got all of the tracks from the bands, 1/2 of the bands on the compilation had already broken up. It got tossed to the wayside.... until now that is. For your listening pleasure I present to you, "officially" for the first time... "BURGERAMA". Complete with the original half done cover art at the top of this post. (It was suppose to be full color).

Track list:

1) Racer Ten - Please, Please Me (The Beatles)
2) Shower With Goats - Pretty Little Angel Eyes (Curtis Lee)
3) Ridiculum - At The Hop (Danny and the Juniors)
4) Fiber - Leader Of The Pack (Shangri-La's)
5) Less Than Jake - Teenager In Love (Dion & the Belmonts)
6) Blankface - I Think We're Alone Now (Tommy James & the Shondells)
7) Yermomlluvus - We Belong Together (Richie Valens)
8) 78 RPM's - Be My Baby (The Ronettes)
9) Speedbump - Stay (Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs)
10) Velour 44 - Rock N' Roll Is Here To Stay (Danny and the Juniors)
11) Go Real Slow - In The Still Of The Night (The Five Satins)
12) Operation Cliff Clavin - Blue Moon (The Marcels)
13) Supermarket All Stars - It's My Party (Lesley Gore)
14) Makeshift - La Bamba (Richie Valens)
15) Skam Impaired - Yakety Yak (The Coasters)
16) The Peacocks - Listen To Me (Buddy Holly)
17) Resurgents - Let's Go Steady Again (Neil Sedaka)
18) Santiago 301 - Bongo Twist (Vince Castro)
19) Blackhead - Maybe Baby (Buddy Holly)


(Editors note: Yeah... some of the covers are "horrible". But if anything, they're worth a laugh.)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quit - Live '91 Club Nu - Miami, FL

Anyone who knows me knows that my 2nd favorite band on this planet (The Ramones of course being the 1st), is the legendary South Florida band Quit. Quit played with a passion and sincerity that I have yet to this day, hear in another band. Hell... Quit is the band that inspired me to start Shower With Goats. That should tell you something.

What you will find in the below Mediafire link, is one of my favorite live Quit shows that I have. Ex Quit bassist Tony Rocha hooked me up with this when I was staying with him for a week back in 1994. It's a great recording from a soundboard. You will hear a small bit of tape hiss, and one tape warp toward the end of the song "Anymore" due to the cassette I ripped this from being 14 years old. Other than that, it's a great live recording that captures Quit as many old fans remember them..... rocking the fucking socks off of everyone.

Here's the set list:

1) Did You See
2) Dedication / Changes
3) To Go
4) Answers
5) Anymore
6) Green Day Cover
7) It's All The Same
8) Baracas / Indigestion
9 ) Contradictions

Enjoy, and there's more live Quit recordings of equal quality to come.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lost Cause - Carlisle, PA

Lost Cause was a female fronted punk/hardcore band that existed in Carlisle, PA from the mid to late 90's. At times they had a indie/hardcore feel that fans of Copper and Ashes could relate to. Other times they broke out with more punk influenced ditties. But none of that can explain how unique and refreshing they were. It's a band you just have to hear for yourself.

Contained within the file link below is a huge zip file (Over 100 mb) that contains all 3 of their demo tapes, their self-titled 7" record, and even a few songs from the 7" record recording session that were unreleased.

Some personal favorite, noteable songs to check out are "Listen, Purge, Cusack, Something To Hide In, and Don't Wanna.

Full - Mid 90's Chicago Area Band

Unfortunately I do not know much about "Full" other than the fact that they played addicting Descendents / ALL / Big Drill Car style Pop-Punk and were from the Chicago suburbs. A girl that I use to write and trade punk tapes with through the mail sent me their demo in '94. Sometime in 1995 I wrote the address listed on their demo tape asking if they had any other releases, and was informed they had broken up.

Enjoy this 4 song classic that goes by way too fast for my liking.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fiber (NJ Female Fronted Punk Band)

Fiber existed in central New Jersey between 1997 and 1998 and delivered amazing female fronted pop/punk with a punch. The band consisted of Vocalist Paula Lemme, "Shower With Goats" bass player Mike Nichols on Guitar, Jeff Gelt on Bass, and Dave Brown on drums.

The band was virtually unknown outside of central New Jersey, despite touring the East Coast with "Shower With Goats" in 1998. They made one professional recording, a 7 song, self-titled demo tape which was released in small quantities, mainly to friends and people who signed their mailing list on the SWG tour.

After you listen to this recording, you'll be left wondering why Fiber never got signed to Fat Wreck Chords, or Epitaph. I know I did.

3:6 (Three Six)

3:6 was a Pop-Punk band from Carlisle, PA that followed in the footsteps of early Green Day and Screeching Weasel. They were around in the mid 90's and fronted by Vocalist / Guitarist Brett Dolimpio who later fronted the band "Resurgents". They recorded two demo tapes, the first of which was a low quality recording.

Their second demo, "Hey! Look at Stupidhead." (circa 1995) was professionally recorded and featured gems such as "Spending My Last Day Home" and "Inquiries". Songs about girls. Songs about masturbation. Your typical, oh so catchy pop/punk of the mid 90's. Enjoy!