Wednesday, October 29, 2008

World In Shreds 4 - New Jersey

Back in the late 80s to mid 90s Shredder Records (Jawbreaker, Jolt, Parasites) released some incredible stuff. One series that was popular amongst the punk kiddies was their World In Shreds compilation 7"s (and later World in Shreds CDs). Nowadays these are pretty scarce to come by. Most people that have them in their collection don't wish to part with them, and for good reason.

Here is the World In Shreds Volume 4 - New Jersey 7" compilation, circa 1990. This is my favorite of the batch of course, and brings back many good memories. Be sure and check out the first track, a very very early version of "The Lot" by Sticks & Stones, that is far better than the re-recorded version on their CD, and the P.E.D. track "I Am The Sam" for some classic NJ Hardcore with a Beastie Boys / Anthrax twist.

1) Sticks and Stones - The Lot
2) Separate Peace - Need
3) Parasites - Never Giving Up On You
4) The Undead - The Way We Behave
5) P.E.D. - I Am The Sam
6) A Priori - Too Much To Hope For


Karl Bakla said...

This is a really good one, but I think they were all good. It’s so hard for me to pick my favorite one on this 7”s. I wish I would have gotten all of these World In Shreds 7”s I was lucky enough to get Vol.2 –Vol.4. Probably the first place I ever heard Crimpshrine, Krupted Peasant Farmerz, Capitol Punishment, & Plaid Retina… enough of my babbling!

Stormy said...

Thanks for this. I always loved these Shredder comps, and have been looking for rips of them for a while now. This was definitely one of my favorites, i love the Sticks and Stones songs, and i actually grabbed the A Priori track for an A Priori collection i did on my blog

i'll link your blog to mine, please do the same. Cheers