Friday, October 10, 2008

Full - Mid 90's Chicago Area Band

Unfortunately I do not know much about "Full" other than the fact that they played addicting Descendents / ALL / Big Drill Car style Pop-Punk and were from the Chicago suburbs. A girl that I use to write and trade punk tapes with through the mail sent me their demo in '94. Sometime in 1995 I wrote the address listed on their demo tape asking if they had any other releases, and was informed they had broken up.

Enjoy this 4 song classic that goes by way too fast for my liking.


Posi Jeff the Record Guy said...

another great tape! too bad this may be there only release.

Paul Knight said...

I knew these guys, Rocko the drummer is now a Police officer. They did have another album and it is pretty good. It was called Hotdogwater Cocktail. You should be able to find it. Great bunch of guys and I really like them. I still have songs from them in my playlists.

Justin Schwier said...

These guys changed their name to Big Big Shoulders for a while and recorded a few demo CDr/CDEPs but eventually changed back to Full. They have a song on a Pegboy Tribute comp CD that's still in print too.