Friday, October 10, 2008

Lost Cause - Carlisle, PA

Lost Cause was a female fronted punk/hardcore band that existed in Carlisle, PA from the mid to late 90's. At times they had a indie/hardcore feel that fans of Copper and Ashes could relate to. Other times they broke out with more punk influenced ditties. But none of that can explain how unique and refreshing they were. It's a band you just have to hear for yourself.

Contained within the file link below is a huge zip file (Over 100 mb) that contains all 3 of their demo tapes, their self-titled 7" record, and even a few songs from the 7" record recording session that were unreleased.

Some personal favorite, noteable songs to check out are "Listen, Purge, Cusack, Something To Hide In, and Don't Wanna.

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Anonymous said...

oh my god, thank you for posting this. downloading it right now. a couple years ago i got a comp cd with a couple lost cause songs. i was hooked but could find nothing else on them. decided to try searching again tonight and so glad i found your site.