Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Fiber !

First off, if you missed the last Fiber post, with their only official release, go here.

Due to the popularity of the last "Fiber" post I'm posting more from my archives.

Included in the megaupload zip file at the bottom of this post is:

1) Fiber - El Guapo Demo
This is a demo tape they recorded on a 4 track in Vocalist Paulas old basement in New Jersey. It was never released, and featured a mysterious drummer from a well known hardcore band that shall remain unnamed, or rather known as "El Guapo".

2) Fiber - Acoustic Demo
This is also unreleased, and was the first Fiber recording ever made. You can even hear yours truly do horrible backup vocals on the song "Everything About You".

3) Fiber - University - Live on WFMU 12/18/97
A track I hand picked from their WFMU session on the Pat Duncan show, because a. the song rocked and b. it was never recorded anywhere else. Unfortunately the vocals are really really low and hard to hear, but it's one of my favorite Fiber songs.

And no... I won't post the entire WFMU Fiber session. Gotta keep some things in the vault after all! Enjoy.

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12 Miles Offshore said...

oh shit i think the guitarist was the first to teach me about octave chords while they were recording at bailey's back in the day?