Thursday, October 16, 2008

Full - Update !

After my last post regarding the defunct Chicago area band "Full", a friend of mine informed me that the band in fact released a full length CD in 1998 titled "Hotdogwater Cocktail" on the Acme Entertainment label. The CD is long out of print, but I picked up a copy from Amazon for a mere buck.

This doesn't hold my attention as well as the 4 song demo tape, but is still good as a whole. Two things that dissapoint me about this CD are:

1) Only one of the songs from the demo made it to the CD. "Inconvenienced".

2) Some of the production is a bit cheesy. (Listen to the vocals at the beginning of "Control".)

Some noteworthy songs to check out from this release are "Dig #1", "Pepsled", and "Fads".

And if you missed the last "Full" post with the Demo tape....


jeffen said...

Y'know this is pretty good but i can't help feeling I would've liked it more back in the day when this style of rock-pop-punk was closer to my heart.

Someday soon I'll post the Rise e.p. about which wold probably evoke the exact same response from someone else.

Either way, great digging and to be honoured as such.

Posi Jeff the Record Guy said...

This CD wasnt too bad. Their demo tape was much better in my opinion though.