Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shower With Goats - Demo

I'm sure most of you have been anticipating that eventually I'd post something of my own band on here, so here goes. In May-June 1995 when I was 17 years old, Shower With Goats entered the studio for the first time under our new name (we previously went as M.N.F.S.T., a 1/2 punk 1/2 metal band... but that's a whole other blog post to "possibly" come in the future in itself).

What we recorded would be first released as an 8 song demo of 5 originals, and 3 covers. About 200 or so tapes were made and sold. After they sold out, we decided to remove the Op Ivy and Samiam covers from the tape, and re-release it as a 6 song demo (so people wouldn't think we were a cover band or something). 200 or so of those were made/sold as well.

So that's the story between the 8 song and 6 song demo. Both the same recording, only we dropped two songs for the 6 song demo.

Included in the zip file are all 8 demo tracks, cover scans of both tapes, and 2 unreleased tracks of filler shit we did in the studio (a horrible rendition of Spy Hunter, and us screaming and making animal noises). Enjoy !



Anonymous said...

you guys never had a full length??


Steve Neurotic said...

Yep. Two of them, plus a split CD and 3 7" records.

Aspanu said...

Holy shit this takes me back...

Now I feel old.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I remember Shower With Goats. Holy cow. I mean, holy goats.

Steve Neurotic said...

You should add us on Facebook :)


Anonymous said...

done and done. :)

also, i am starting my own punk archive blog. i am scanning a ton of old show photos and flyers to post. it's in the beginning stages, but:


Steve Neurotic said...

Added ya to the blogroll. I have Tonnnnns of old flyers. Maybe one day when I have the chance I'll scan some and give em to ya to post. :)

dead dog the band said...

hell yea. still have it, not the cover tho. this is john mclean, formerly of the whethermin, whats up steve?!

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