Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resurgents - Self Titled 7 Inch

Happy new year everyone. First post here in over a year. Apologies for the long delay!

The Resurgents were a Pop-Punk band from Carlisle, PA formed from the ashes of the pop-punk band 3:6 (Also featured in this blog as our very first post). Vocalist/guitarist Brett Dolimpio continued on with his catchy tunes ala Screeching Weasel & early Green day. These guys released, several demo tapes, a 4 way split CD, and this 7" record before hanging up their hats in the late 90's .

I believe this 4-songer on German label Barracuda Rex was possibly their final release. I have heard rumors that a full length CD existed after this, but I have yet to this day, to see a copy.

Included in the zip file are scans of the entire cover, including the insert with lyrics, and even scans of the vinyl itself. Enjoy.


Posi Jeff The Record Guy said...
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Posi Jeff the Record Guy said...

glad your back!! I also have this 7" and its great. I've heard a few people talk about the full length CD. But I have yet to see any evidence it actually existed

john said...

What year was this released?????

Steve Neurotic said...

Can't remember exactly what year... but definitely either 97 or 98.