Sunday, November 23, 2008

I.D.K. - 1994 Demonstration Demo

I.D.K. was a staple in the New Jersey punk and hardcore scenes from the early to late 90's. They split up in 1998 and reformed 10 years later in January of 2008.

I picked up this 3 song demo tape of theirs at Vintage Vinyl Records in Fords, NJ back in 1994. I had never heard of them before but as always, I figured the $3 they were asking for the tape (which the band maybe saw a dollar of) wasn't going to hurt my wallet and would support a local act. I wouldn't necessarily call the songs on this demo pop/punk, but rather melodic punk with both a tinge of pop/punk and a hardcore or rock edge.

A year or two later the band exploded in the North East with their "Taking on the Monster," EP, followed by their full length "Til' Death Do Us Part."

These 3 early cuts ripped rather nicely despite being from a 14 year old cassette. Only 1 of the songs, "Adjustment", was later re-recorded and appears on the "Til' Death Do Us Part" full length. The other 2 songs to the best of my knowledge, are exclusive to this demo.

1) Adjustment
2) Right Or Wrong
3) Mingwatt



Jeremy said...

I saw these guys in Lancaster, PA at a shop called 12XU. It was probably in support of the Monster EP. I must have bought this demo tape because as I listen to "Adjustment" I am remembering it clearly. Red was an intense front man.

Hmmmm, I wish I could remember who else played that show.

Thanks for sharing! Brings back some good memories.

icastico said...

I like what you're doing here.

Here is a rarity from NM's scene in the 90's.

Feel free to repost if you like it.

Stormy said...

Damn, growing up in NJ, this site brings back a lot of memories. Great job.

Let's trade links, i have a lot of NJ stuff on my blog as well (A Priori, Dirge etc). It's here:


devb said...

"What does IDK stand for?"

"Uh.. I don't know."