Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bernies' Fixxx - Tragedy 7" (NJ)

Bernies' Fixxx was a Pop/Punk outfit from North Jersey, circa mid 90's. To my knowledge they only put out this one 3 song 7" titled "Tragedy", but I may be mistaken.

Unfortunately I never got to see these guys live. Shortly after I purchased this record around 1995, I saw a flyer posted for a show to benefit the family of one of the singers of Bernies' Fixxx, as he had just passed away. The band, for obvious reasons, split up after that. I'll always wonder how many other great songs they could've written. Long live their music.

Recommended pick: Trendy Wendy


jeffen said...

Megaupload seems to be inoperative.

Or is it just me?

Steve Neurotic said...

works fine for me!

jeffen said...

Megaupload has done this to me a few times where windows just hang. After a few times I did make it work/

Thanks for the share.

Stormy said...

Thanks for the great post. Didn't they also play Pat Duncan's show? I'll have to see if i can find that.