Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Leftovers (Florida)

No, this is NOT the same The Leftovers from the North East, that play Ramones inspired pop/punk. This is however, the Florida ska/punk band The Leftovers, that time has seemed to forget.

I picked up this 7" of theirs titled "A Few Days Difference" at the old Far Out Records store in Fort Lauderdale, FL in 1995. Unfortunately I know nothing of what became of the band or if they had any other releases.

In this 7" you will hear high school aged members stirring up some catchy ska/punk hooks and jabs with somewhat amusing lyrics. Be forewarned that the vocals are very whiney, pre-pubescent sounding and honestly, kind of annoying. That may however be your cup of tea.




mike said...

this band was around when i was about 15/16 i'm 31 now. they were awesome live back in the day when the west palm beach area had somewhat of a local punk scene. the also released a very limited 4 track demo on cassette which i've been looking for for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I saw these guys when I was about 19. I think it was in a Jupiter Park close to the beach. Such a long time ago I have forgotten. but I do have the 4 track cassette that you are looking for Mike. If you can contact me I'll mail you the cassette. Put your subject in all caps PUNKSKAPUNKSKAPUNKSKA so I can find it easy... I delete alot of junkmail.
I happened to find the album in storage so did a websearch for "Florida punk Leftovers" to see what became of the band and members. This blog is the first related link.... amazing coincidence to find you looking for this tape. Has "Square One" IMO the best track, "Spring Break", "Innocence", and "Uninvited". The leaf art is the background of skyscrapers withe a suited corporate-looking figure in the front oholding out a Mobil credit card.

ralphjunior101 said...

thanks. i've been looking for this for many many years.

Brian said...

I was recently looking at all of my old 7"s and came across this gem. I don't currently have a turntable that's operable so I'll have to wait a while before I can convert it to digital. I made the mistake of going to see them at 924 Gilman in Berkeley in '95 or '96 and ended up seeing the other "the Leftovers" that was mentioned in a previous comment. They sucked. These guys however were great! I'd love to get a copy of that 4 track cassette if at all possible.

Hank Chapot said...

flickr set: Mabuhay Gardens show calendars 1980 - 81


eric said...

I have the original demo on cassette with "square one" "spring break" "innocence: and "uninvited"
I used to go see them in wpb all the time when i was younger..like 17 years ago..wow

Vegan Craig said...

Holy crap - I put out this 7". Too cool to see someone archiving it online. I'm trying to grab the digital download but it's not seeming to work. Hit me up at craig@impactpress.com if you still have it digitized. Great article -- good call on the vocals -- you either loved 'em or hated 'em. They broke up right around the time the 7" came out - which sucked.

Doug B said...

Anyone ever upload the demo tape? I have a poorly dubbed copy, got it back when I lived in South Florida and would get a kick to hear a nice sounding copy!

JasonCompton said...

This is a video of them playing at a beach/park in Jupiter.