Saturday, November 1, 2008

Missing Children (Pre - Degenerics) NJ

Missing Children were around approx between 1994 and 1996, and hailed from Jameburg, New Jersey. Their influences ran all over the place anywhere from ALL and Operation Ivy to old Calif. hardcore, to angry '77 style punk rock. That may sound like a mess... but they pulled it all together rather sweetly.

Missing Children Vocalist Frank P. is better known as the guitarist of "The Degenerics". Degenerics Vocalist Craig, was also a member of Missing Children, towards the end of the band. In a nutshell... Missing Children became The Degenerics in some weird way. I had some good times hanging out and playing shows with my band with these guys, in my late teens. Check out the photo collage above of Missing Children, taken by yours truly at a show of theirs at a punk house on Handy St. in New Brunswick, NJ around Sept 1994.

Included in the megaupload zip file linked below, is their only official release from 1995, (a self titled, self-released 7 song 7" record) and ALSO!!!.... their UNRELEASED 4 song demo tape from 1994 that features earlier recordings of 3 songs from the 7", and one song that was never released anywhere else called "Going Nowhere".

To the Missing Children virgins: Listen to "Sometimes", "Instant Pop Song", and "Suckcess Story", as they are highly addictive to the ears. Enjoy.


Carlos said...

You are kidding right?? I use to listen to this 7 inch here in florida and always dig them, also the 7 inch of Leftovers use to have too. Great Blog!!

Gretsch Mendoza said...

Just out of curiosity I Google'd this and I was totally surprised that someone actually remembered this band and put up pics and the music. I had a lot of fun playing with these guys.

After this band, I played in a few bands after that (Worthless, Eye Fed Fink, Clever Hans, Handful of Dust, Kamikaze and most currently The Unidentified).

Thanks Steve for putting this up, brought back a lot of memories and a slap of reality of how time has passed.

Hugo (Guitar)

MegaBrakeandMufflerCheatedMe said...

The papster ..... I just found my copy of this 7 inch in perfect condition ... As well the shower with goats cd long live central jersey POP punk