Monday, March 7, 2011

Sefler (Pre-Saves The Day) & Exclusive Track !

Before Chris Conley gained fame and notoriety in "Saves The Day" he was the vocalist/bassist of a central New Jersey pop/punk band called "Sefler". I saw them play at a basement show of some guys house in North Brunswick, NJ and was instantly hooked.

My band SWG, ended up playing several shows with them, and Chris was even the fill-in bass player for us at a show we played with Rhythm Collision in 1996. I remember getting an unreleased 4 song demo tape from Chris, and playing the hell out of it. I always thought they'd do something great as Sefler. Unfortunately the high school aged band didn't stick around long, as Chris moved on to bigger and better things.

I always wished Sefler would've stuck around longer though, because to this day, I think that Chris's raw, emphatic voice was better suited to pop/punk.

3 of the 4 songs from the unreleased demo tape I mentioned above, ended up on their only official release..... a 7" record titled "13 Hours of Everything". The 4th song, "Dweeb" was to my surprise, never released. I say to my surprise because it was actually my favorite of the 4 songs.

To this day, I've never seen the song posted, or even mentioned anywhere online. So consider this the virgin/birthplace of "Dweeb" on the internet. If you find it anywhere else... be certain it originated here. (Hey... I've gotta give myself whatever meager props I can, eh?)

Those 4 songs are included in the zip file linked below, along with 2 extremely rare tracks "Month of Sundays" and "About Waking Up" that they released on the CD compilation called "Random Wood: Volume 1" on the tiny NJ Iguana Records, label.

Enjoy !


Marc L. said...

I would love to hear that comp and other obscure NJ/PA/NY punk/pop-punk comps.
One of the rarest I own that I never hear mention of is "Anarchy In the NJ"

Meghan Moran said...

this just made my month!!!!
std is my favorite, i had such a hard time getting lisas bday tape but finally did, and now THIS!!

Aggronautix said...

Putrid Flowers are from NYC, but this is the same great era - Check out "New World" -

rohan rj said...

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