Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quit - Live '91 Club Nu - Miami, FL

Anyone who knows me knows that my 2nd favorite band on this planet (The Ramones of course being the 1st), is the legendary South Florida band Quit. Quit played with a passion and sincerity that I have yet to this day, hear in another band. Hell... Quit is the band that inspired me to start Shower With Goats. That should tell you something.

What you will find in the below Mediafire link, is one of my favorite live Quit shows that I have. Ex Quit bassist Tony Rocha hooked me up with this when I was staying with him for a week back in 1994. It's a great recording from a soundboard. You will hear a small bit of tape hiss, and one tape warp toward the end of the song "Anymore" due to the cassette I ripped this from being 14 years old. Other than that, it's a great live recording that captures Quit as many old fans remember them..... rocking the fucking socks off of everyone.

Here's the set list:

1) Did You See
2) Dedication / Changes
3) To Go
4) Answers
5) Anymore
6) Green Day Cover
7) It's All The Same
8) Baracas / Indigestion
9 ) Contradictions

Enjoy, and there's more live Quit recordings of equal quality to come.


Tracy Ramone said...


Ya know your the one who got me listening to Quit in the first place all those years ago.

Carlos said...

Quit its a legend for some of us here in Florida.

FROJAX said...

I was in a band in called The Be-Sharps and we recorded our first demo with Quit's equipment, they were nice enough to lend it to us. Great band, legendary.

psalm9110 said...

Can you reupload to mediafire because megaupload has been shut down, Quit is my favorite band of all time an this would add to my collection. Thanks and Godbless

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